Nobody wants to get sick and the way that it usually happens is by exposing yourself to germs. You could catch something while you're working in a busy office or from another member of your family at home. If you're actively trying to avoid germs than there are several things that you can do around the house and when you're in public spaces.

Start by keeping the things in your home and at the office as germ-free as possible. The kitchen and the bathrooms are going to be the main spaces that you're looking at in the home, as these are the rooms used by all of the members of your family. Check out the areas that you would touch often. There might be a cabinet that you go into every day to get diapers and cleaning supplies or you might want to give the faucets a little extra attention.

You will also want to look after your desk to keep it free of germs. You are likely touching things like your phone or your computer keyboard many times throughout the day and these are relatively easy to clean with a disinfectant wipe. If you're working in a public shop where people are touching items constantly, there are several products on the market that will help you disinfect them safely. You should also wipe doorknobs down at least every couple of days.

Going out in the world inevitably means that you're going to be exposed to more germs than you would in your own space. But you don't need to feel that there's nothing you can do to protect yourself. If you can't keep the spaces around you clean than worry about your hands. Bring some sanitizer with you and wash your hands before eating anything.

Sometimes you're the one who's sick and you're trying to keep others from getting infected. If this is the case than look at how many things you're touching along the way. You might touch the door handle as you're getting into a taxi or be touching food as you're preparing for dinner. If you're the type of person that touches your mouth or nose often than you might want to up how much you're washing your hands and try to avoid shaking hands with others when you're under the weather.

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