If you've got something wrong with you, you go to the doctor, right? Well, not necessarily. There are a multitude of different medical specialties you could end up seeing depending on whether you need treatment for an anxiety disorder or a broken leg. Here is a short list of common medical specialties.


Dentists specialize in the treatment of tooth and mouth conditions. If you've got a cavity, tooth pain, a loose tooth, or bleeding gums, you would make an appointment with your dentist. If you would like to see a list of some services and treatments offered by a dentist, have a look here at Uptown Yonge Dental. You will get an idea of the wide range of services.

Family Doctor

Your family doctor is who you go to see for everyday ailments. If you've got headaches or a cold or the flu, if you're having problems with your stomach, these are all non-critical ailments your family doctor can help you with.


For problems with a mental rather than a physical source, you'd go to see a psychiatrist. While the therapist at the counselling clinic can help you talk things through, a psychiatrist can actually prescribe medications for depression and anxiety.


Don't like your teeth? Are they crooked or have gaps? Then you'll want to see an orthodontist. They concentrate on making teeth look their best with braces.


Most people don't think of their eyes as needing checkups except for when they need to go get glasses, but if you're having eye pain, difficulty seeing, or even headaches you should see one.


For anyone in diapers to high school, this is who you go to see if you're having problems your family doctor can't fix. Anything related to growing up a pediatrician can help with. Dr. Benjamin Spock is a famous pediatrician who name you may have heard before.


Rashes, itchiness, unsightly scabs - these are all problems of the skin, and they're a dermatologist's specialty.

Dental Hygienist

If your teeth just need a cleaning instead of a cavity fill or an inspection, you can visit the dental hygienist for an industrial strength brushing and a fluoride treatment that will help keep your teeth strong.


If there's anything wrong with your heart - angina, heart disease, holes, pacemakers - a cardiologist is who you need to see. Your family doctor will refer you.


If you've got cancer you'll be seeing an oncologist. He or she can set you up for surgeries, give you chemo and radiation, and manage your pain.

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