Fish oil supplements have been available as over the counter health products for some time now but not everyone knows about fish oil or the benefits that come with a healthy dose of daily fish oil. For most people they only become aware of fish oil through their friends or doctors as an option to increase their health but fish oil supplements don't have to be prescribed in order for you to take them.

Many health and nutrition stores offer over the counter fish oil supplements and you can buy them without having to hand over a prescription for them. If you don't know why you should take fish oil supplements then let us hit you up with some fish oil benefits that might persuade you to take them throughout the course of your day, whether you're at home, at school or on the road as part of your job.

Some of the most well known health benefits of fish oil include the ability of fish oil to aid in the treatment of high cholesterol, heart diseases, anxiety, depression, low immunity, asthma, kidney failure, diabetes, cancer, ADHD, arthritis, AIDS, eye disorders, inflammation, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), macular degeneration, ulcers and Alzheimer's disease. That's a pretty powerful supplement to be able to help combat such a wide range of health disorders and diseases.

However, fish oil also helps out people looking to lose weight, aids pregnant women by helping to avoid premature births, enhances the quality of sperm in men who may suffer from fertility issues, helps people with skin care problems when it comes to skin conditions like acne and psoriasis, provides good luster of the hair and also helps prevent hair loss. We know how hard it can be to take care of your body and maintain good health on a daily basis, especially if you spend a lot of time at your office job. Taking a regular dose of fish oil everyday can help you out with some of your health problems and it doesn't involve much more than ingesting something like an Omega 3-6-9 vitamin that contains fish oil or drinking a little bit of fish oil liquid mixed with water.

Since you don't need a doctor to prescribe you fish oil supplements and you now know about the many benefits fish oil provides you it might be time to hit up your local pharmacy or health and nutrition food store to pick yourself up some fish oil supplements to go with your regular order.

We do caution that you control your fish oil dosage as too much can lead to side effects and adverse allergies and we don't want to risk you getting sick or having to miss a day of work. The best thing to do is consult a doctor to determine what the right dosage of fish oil for you would be.

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